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Chromium is an open source browser that aims to provide stability and security to internet users

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Chromium is an open-source web browser that’s secure and highly customizable.

If you’re not familiar with Chromium but have heard of Google Chrome, then you know a lot more about Chromium than you may think. After all, Chromium is the open-source foundation upon which Chrome is based. That’s not to say Chromium isn’t full-featured. It is, but the divergence lets Chromium stay true to the ideals of openness while Chrome is branded and customized specifically for Google.

So, why Chromium over Chrome, or vice versa? Chrome is a bit more polished from the perspective of the average user. It has a built-in PDF viewer, print viewer, pre-configured Flash support and richer codec support out of the box. Chromium can do all this as well, but you’ll have to configure it yourself or at least install the appropriate extensions. Chrome also features Google Update, which is quite handy and where this particular Chromium program comes in.

Google Update checks for updates whenever you start Chrome or even on a more frequent basis if you configure it that way. If an update is found, the updater downloads, installs and configures it. Chromium doesn’t have such a mechanism built in, and the concern here is more than just lacking new features. Important security updates, for instance, can be missed until you update Chromium.

This version of Chromium eliminates the hassle of installing and updating the program. This package is customizable through a wide range of settings, and a simple click of the Update button will do the trick. It will check repository for any new Chromium aspects available, and then, download, install and configure them. This gives you all of the versatility that comes with Chromium without some of the hassles that the niceties of Chrome overcome. Nevertheless, if you’re a user that doesn’t really appreciate the benefits of Chromium, then Chrome is probably the more convenient choice.


  • Open-source web browser
  • Feature-rich and versatile
  • Maintains an up-to-date installation with ease


  • None

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